Solid Base Consult

Your technology and human resource partner


Solid Base Consult is a Latvian company that brings you international value that you can afford

Through our strategic partnerships with leading specialists and organizations, our highly proficient procedures and our knowledge of the Latvian labor market
we offer you time proven methods to develop your vision, business, customer relation and technology
we provide communication consultancy, material, and man power to represent your international image and interface with your customer
we help you develop your organization into a united body of interdependent entities, capable to progress quickly into natural success, while bringing maximum value to your customer and shareholders

An investment well placed today, that can build a partnership we both are glad we did for the immediate and long term future

You can contact us for:

Communication Services
Empowering your established business, or business idea into a fully international presence, close to your customer wherever your customer is:
Web Page and web servicing
Social media presence and communication
Advertising and media
Service portfolio development

Organizational Development
Whether a corporate needing to solidify your foundation to sustain growth and maintain value to your customer while growing more agile and market challenging,
or a small team in need to establish proper internal communication and team foundation to strive, grow and remain solid through the phases of your path
we offer you:
executive coaching and mission alignment
team building and internal communication
career and talent development within the firm
motivational and compensation strategy
service infrastructure development and standardization
ITIL and ISO compliance
security auditing, penetration testing and mystery shopping
franchise and growth business model development

Other services:
Technology Consultancy
Career Development
Personal Development

or simply contact us to find out more about what can be developed together