Solid Base Consult

Human and corporate consultancy

Communication & Advertizing

Communication Services

Empowering your established business, or business idea into a fully international presence, close to your customer wherever your customer is:
Web Page and web servicing
Social media presence and communication
Advertising and media
Service portfolio development
We have worked with the following Products and Companies:

Fashion TV (FTV Arabia)
Hewlett Packard (Lebanon)
CISCO (Lebanon)
Canon (Lebanon)
Toshiba (Lebanon)
Nikon (Lebanon)
Philips (Lebanon)
Samsung (Lebanon)

Web Consultancy & Mobile Development
Our web consultancy and development focuses on the business culture and image the company wants to project to the market and within the business culture.
Delivery high quality and human friendly management interfaces, that allow a non programmer to completely control every aspect of the web site and members area.
Ranging from simple web presence graphical website to deep human resource management and business process aiding solutions.

Cobikers "The Bikers Social Network" (International)
G Design Group (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
South For Construction (Lebanon, Middle east and North Africa)
Spring Of Change (International Web Based)
Ghazzawi Business Group (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)