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Human and corporate consultancy

IT, Web & Mobile

From where your IT structure is right now, we believe a decision can be taken that affects your business beyond expectation.
Making an effort is part of taking this decision now. With more understanding of your business culture we can design or optimize your IT infrastructure,
your IT structure will become a positive stable tool at the service of your business.
From a strong grip on technology and understanding of the business environment
we strongly believe your business can ultimately take back its focus to where your real business is
Just give us a call and we will meet you all the way to a successful partnership
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IT Infrastructure Consultancy
Our solutions in infrastructure take in consideration the current business culture and the business culture predicted for the future while customizing IT solutions that are at the same time simple secure consistent and deliver exactly what the business needs. While minimizing the running cost as much as possible.

Unesco (Jordan Irak)
Arts Science and Technology University (Lebanon)
Librarie du Liban (Middle East, North Africa)
Annahar (Lebanon)
Vladimir Djurovic (Lebanon)
Decoration Gharzouzi
Doummar (Lebanon, Jordan)
Petra Foods (Jordan)

Web Consultancy & Mobile Development
Our web consultancy and development focuses on the business culture and image the company wants to project to the market and within the business culture.
Delivery high quality and human friendly management interfaces, that allow a non programmer to completely control every aspect of the web site and members area.
Ranging from simple web presence graphical website to deep human resource management and business process aiding solutions.


Mo5tar "Newspaper" (Arab World)
Cobikers "The Bikers Social Network" (International)
G Design Group (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
South For Construction (Lebanon, Middle east and North Africa)
Lelde's Photography (Latvia)
Riga Toastmasters (Latvia)
Ghazzawi Business Group (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)